Mural # 6 Bo Bridges
 is a professional sport & lifestyle photographer. His passion for adventure drives the dynamic imagery he produces and his ability to capture top level action and true human emotion with such unique perspective and detail is what has earned him a spot among the world’s top photographers.
Bo is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it takes to get the perfect shot. Most recently, Bo found himself hanging out of the side of a plane while shooting Tom Cruise dangling from the aircraft to capture the movie poster for Paramount Picture’s  Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film.
Having traveled to over 35 countries, Bo takes the time to capture the beauty of each location along the way. The compelling scenes from his world travels can be found at his Bo Bridges Gallery in Manhattan Beach, California.
Bo's shot was featured on the November issue of SURFER Magazine. Learn more
about Bo here

Mural #4  Steve Shriver
I was born in Greenwich Connecticut in 1958. At the age of four, his family moved to California where they settled in the South Bay.  
Steve returned to Connecticut to study art at Wesleyan University, getting his degree in studio art with high honors in 1981.  After college, he lived in the nascent downtown LA arts district until he decided to move to Seattle, where he studied painting with noted figurative artist Robert Herlitz.

Read Steve's bio here

Mural #1  Art Mortimer   
was born in Long Beach, California, and is a graduate of Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California. He moved to Santa Monica in 1965 and has been working as a freelance artist since 1969. He painted his first mural in 1971, on the side of the house he was living in, at the beach in Santa Monica. Also in 1971 he worked with artist/film maker Terry Gilliam in London on a series of short animated films that became part of a Mary Feldman television series shown in the USA. He lived and worked at the beach in Santa Monica until December, 2002, West Los Angeles until December 2012 and now lives in 29 Palms, California. 
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here or visit:

Mural #3  John Pugh   
I am a trompe l'oeil artist focusing primarily on mural painting. I have found that the "language" of life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked. Once captivated by the illusion, the viewer is lured to cross an artistic threshold and thus seduced into exploring the concept of the piece. I have also found that by creating architectural illusion that integrates with the existing environment both optically and aesthetically, the art transcends the "separateness" that public art sometimes produces. To read John's bio, Visit:

Mural #2  Chris Coakley   
was born July 17th 1950, raised in the San Fernando Valley, went to public schools, and did the normal things a boy does with his free time, namely throwing and kicking and catching and swatting at anything round, riding my bike with the guys, and skating, and pretending to be a GI Joe. On those times I had to stay in the house, I would play army with my models, turning my bed room into a major battle field, with my two other brothers we would stage major wars. And then sometimes I would make drawings of the events. At school the teachers noticed I could draw just about anything, so I was assigned all the duties of providing pictures for the school paper, decorating for events, and posters for whatever the occasion. Read Chris' complete bio here

Mural # 7 Joanna Garel
Joanna is a Filipino- Canadian artist living in Redondo Beach.
Her paintings are influenced by her Southern California lifestyle as a surfer and consist of a series of lifeguard towers strongly resting on secluded shores with playful vibrant dotted skies. The unique studies of lifeguard towers come to life on wood panels and in lithograph. As an emerging artist, Garel was invited to show her works at the Hermosa Beach Fine Art Fair  in 2014.
The subject matter proved to resonate strongly amongst art collectors with her works now in private and corporate collections.
“Painting essentializes my experience of Southern California. The lifeguard tower takes on a different meaning from my perspective, as a surfer in the water. It is my rescue, a marker in the landscape, and most of all a safe haven.”
Joanna Garel. Learn more about Joanna

Mural #4  John Van Hamersveld

John Van Hamersveld is a prolific and highly influential artist and designer who gained fame for creating iconic album covers such as Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street, Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles as well as those for Blondie, Kiss, Jefferson Airplane and Johnny Lydon. He also won praise for his official poster and 360-foot-long mural for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Van Hamersveld designed the iconic Endless Summer movie poster using a photograph. He arranged the shoot in January, 1964, after filmmaker Bruce Brown showed him the film's opening scene. He positioned Brown in the foreground with his surfboard on his head and the film's two stars between Brown and the setting sun. He had learned this technique at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he took night classes, graduating later that year. He converted the photo into an abstract design by reducing each color to a single tone and giving each image a single, hard edge. Read John's bio here

About the Artists

Mural # 8  Daniel Inez
Daniel Inez is a South Bay native who grew up in the Skate/Punk culture of the Beach Cities. He is a Redondo Union High School Grad, United States Navy Veteran, holds A Bachelor’s in Communication Arts from OTIS College of Art and Design, and is the owner/art director of M1SK and co-owner and founder of The Pacific Stranded. "When I was Design School, I was told to do what I know, so that’s what I’m doing and I am thankful for all the continued community support. As far as this project I am beyond stoked to be a part of Hermosa’s recognition of a subculture that has been a part of so many of our lives". Shop Dan's website

 Making A Positive Impact One Wall At A Time 
Hermosa Beach Murals Project is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit foundation #27-1662126 dedicated to improving the downtown business corridor of Hermosa Beach through art.

Mural # 9  Timothy Robert Smith
Timothy Robert Smith is an LA-born oil painter and muralist, using observation techniques in a new style he calls “Multi-Dimensionalism.” His work investigates the nature of reality, with multiple perspectives fused together into one cinematic frame. Time and probability are other variables, with trails connecting past, present and future events; and alternate versions of the present moment repeating infinitely.

His work has been featured in various media outlets, including Juxtapoz magazine and NBC news, and his paintings have shown in solo exhibitions at TEDx Conferences and Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station. He also teaches at Laguna College of Art and Design, CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles and Saddleback College. Visit Tim's website