Mural #3:  Hermosa Beach West Coast Jazz

Located at 1007 Hermosa Ave at 11th Court, North facing wall.

Artist : John Pugh

  Mural #1:  Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza Circa 1924
Located at 14th & Hermosa Ave. on North facing wall of Parking Lot C.

Artist: Art Mortimer 

 Making A Positive Impact One Wall At A Time 
Hermosa Beach Murals Project is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit foundation #27-1662126 dedicated to improving the downtown business corridor of Hermosa Beach through art.

Mural #2: Hermosa "Splash" Circa 1909

Located at 140 Pier Ave. South-West corner at Manhattan Avenue

Artist : Chris Coakley

Mural #5:  Hermosa's Great Wave
Located at Hermosa Avenue & 14th Street, North facing wall.

Artist : John Van Hamersveld 

Mural #9:  Beatnik Alley- “Beatnik Alley” celebrating  Hermosa’s bohemian and counterculture roots 
Located at Pier Plaza and Beach Drive- west facing wall

Artist : Timothy Robert Smith

Mural #7:  Lifeguards in Hermosa (before 1935)
Located at 13th and Hermosa Avenue, East facing wall.

Artist : Joanna Garel


Mural #4:  Hermosa Swimwear Evolves
Located at 500 Pier Ave at Cypress Ave, West facing wall.

Artist : Steve Shriver

Mural #8:  Punk and Skate in Hermosa -70's & 80's
Located at 13th and Hermosa Avenue- wall facing south

Artist : Daniel Inez

Mural #6:  Volleyball in Hermosa
Located at 13th and Beach Drive, West facing wall.

Artist : Bo Bridges